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Do you love a freshly baked loaf of bread, steaming and aromatically fragrant, from your own oven? Would you like to learn how traditional German breads, pretzels, stollen etc. are baked? Then you've come to the right place. The master bakers of the world-renowned National German Bakers Academy in Weinheim will show you how it's done. With written recipes and certificate of participation.

Learn the German art of baking at the central technical school of all German bakers, but in English and online at your home.


Working with rye and sourdough requires a good recipe and a lot of know-how to make good sourdough bread. All this is taught by a master baker from the National German Bakers Academy in this online course. With his tips, you will soon be pulling beautiful, crusty and aromatic bread out of your oven that not only tastes delicious, it is also very healthy. You will be exited. We wish you lots of fun and success baking rustic sourdough bread according to a traditional German recipe. With recipe booklet and certificate of participation.

Course price: €14.90  |  Duration: 1:13:05


This basic course shows how to develop your own sourdough starter and rye sourdough. Only thanks to nature you will develop a living sourdough culture in your kitchen or bakery, which will make all your breads not only more aromatic, but also more digestible and longer lasting. All this in a completely natural way, only from flour and water, without any additives and without much equipment. The necessary knowledge about the right times, temperatures and techniques is imparted by our expert in this online course. Immerse yourself in the world of fermentation and become a rye sourdough baker. With recipe booklet and certificate of participation.

Course price: €14.90  |  Duration: 1:07:16


The Stollen (Christstollen) is the traditional Christmas pastry in Germany and world-famous. As a sweet specialty refined with sultanas and candied fruit, it not only tastes delicious to the baker and his customers, it is also a very popular gift that can be kept for many weeks. Learn from our experienced master baker how to bake the original stollen, plus a variation with chocolate. You will also learn about the historical background and receive recommendations for packaging and consumption. With recipe booklet and certificate of participation.

Course price: €14.90  |  Duration: 1:45:46


The pretzel is the famous pastry from Germany, with a tradition that dates back over 1,000 years. It has been the guild pastry of all German bakers for over 700 years. The pretzel also adorns the logo of the Academy. Now you can learn how to pull a warm, delicious pretzel out of your own oven. It only needs a few ingredients. Our master baker will show you the know-how in this online master class. With recipe booklet and certificate of participation.


Course price: €14.90  |  Duration: 1:08:49


With this recipe, you will learn a wonderful, lightly sweet basic dough that is suitable for many kinds of pastries. The dough can also be used as a base for baked cakes with apples, plums or cherries. Our master baker shows you how to make an easy braid from it. A popular pastry, not only in Germany. With recipe booklet and certificate of participation.

Course price: €14.90  |  Duration: 1:04:45


This bread is one of the bestsellers of our graduates of the Diploma Course in Weinheim! From there, it has made its way into many bakeries worldwide. The multigrain bread, which is considered healthy, not only consists of different types of grain, but is also enriched with aromatic, nutty oil seeds. Look forward to learning how it is baked. With recipe booklet and certificate of participation.

Course price: €14.90  |  Duration: 1:04:45


Instead of buying individual classes, you can purchase the complete package with all 6 classes here. With a price advantage and also professional benefit because the knowledge partly builds on each other. With certificate of participation for all classes from the renowned National German Bakers Academy in Weinheim.

Classes bundle price: €79.90

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