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German National Bakers Academy

The German National Bakers Academy (Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim e.V.) is the central educational institute of all German Bakers Associations as well as the German Bakers Confederation.

Who we are and what we offer

The Academy is a state certified master school for bakers. The title of master baker is a requirement in Germany for opening an own bakery. To be admitted to the master bakers school of the National German Bakers Academy, it needs 3 years of education in a bakery plus an examination as well as some years of experiences as a baker.

Further tasks of the Academy are courses and different seminars, which are taken by bakers from all over the world. Teaching languages are English and German, also with a translator if necessary. The recipes of the Academy are provided in many different languages for the students. Our 2-weeks program Diploma in German Baking is specially designed for bakery professionals and enthusiasts wishing to attain a Diploma in German Baking - but through the medium of the English language. This course has been completed by hundreds of bakers from all over the globe, as you can see in this overview map.

The Academy has the legal form of a charitable organization. Honorary chairman of the association is the President of the German Bakers' Association. The business operations are managed by a director. Since 2006, the director of the Academy is Bernd Kütscher, master baker and economist. The Academy has also appointed a scientific advisory board which accompanies the Academy’s work. It is comprised of Germany's leading grain and nutritional scientists as well as members of the executive board and management.

Where we are

The Academy is located in the Waldschloss (forest castle) of the picturesque city Weinheim in the southwest of Germany, in close proximity to Heidelberg, Mannheim and Frankfurt. The biggest German International Airport Frankfurt (FRA) is only 66 kilometers/41 miles away. The Academy provides baking courses for bakers from Germany and all over the world.

The Academy consists of eight building sections which have been added over the years. For training, three large and well-equipped teaching bakeries are available. Furthermore, the Academy has five seminar rooms for teaching theory, holding 30 to 160 people each, an IT training room with 16 computer workstations, a training area for snacks as well as a traditional baking house with a wood fired oven outside. The in-house restaurant, which is only open for students and staff, offers 100 seats. The guest house for students consists of 48 rooms with 80 beds. Since those are often fully booked, there are contingents in the hotels of Weinheim available for students. You can visit our facilities online here (360° Virtual Tour).

Our history

The oldest part of the Academy building was constructed in 1906 and 1907 and was first used as a hotel and restaurant. On 8th December 1938, there was a grand reopening as a baking school, which served the southwest of Germany first. From 1944 to 1948, the school operations were paused due to the ongoing war and the building was used as a hospital. In 1948 the baking school was reopened. Since 1960, the Academy is the central technical baking school for all of Germany, owned by all German Baker Associations, which are supported by around 10,000 bakeries. A large expansion followed in 1991 with the building of a technology center with training bakeries and a laboratory, attached to the guesthouse which was constructed in 1955. From 2009 to 2010 the old building was generally refurbished, including restaurant, reception area, seminar wing, administrative rooms and staircases. The restaurant was supplemented with a training area for frontbaking and baker gastronomy. The ceremonial opening of the new facilities took place on the 31st March 2010 through the prime minister.

Other targets

The German National Bakers Academy in Weinheim also advises and supports the German Bakers Confederation and other organizations in baking matters. Also the Academy can help founding or developing baker's schools or colleges with bakery units all over the world.

In Germany, the Academy also carries out large conferences with paramount importance for the Confederation and organizes competitions. One such competition is the annual German Championship of Young Bakers, where Germany’s best young bakers compete after winning their respective regional qualifying rounds. The winners are prepared by the Academy for the UIBC International Championship for Young Bakers, which is held by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC, president from Mexico, secretary general and administration in Spain). In 2016, the UIBC International Championship for Young Bakers was held in Weinheim. The German team won the first place, followed by the Swiss and French teams.

The German National Bakers Academy in Weinheim also maintains the official German Bread Register, with more than 3.000 sorts of bread from bakeries all over Germany.

Additionally to its other tasks, the Academy in Weinheim’s Waldschloss is also training center and administrative headquarters of the German National Baking Team, which consists of 14 trained and qualified master bakers.

The Weinheim Academy maintains international education partnerships with universities, colleges and baker's schools in different countries worldwide. Please see here. Furthermore, the Academy is supported by numerous partners and economic agents, including nearly all renowned baking oven builders, baking machine manufacturers and raw materials suppliers in Germany.

The Academy provides different training courses for bakers from all over the world under the designation of „International Baking Academy“. Apart from organized groups from international partner schools, the Academy also welcomes international bakers two to three times a year for the 2-weeks program Diploma in German Baking.

Please contact us

Do you want to improve your bakery skills? Does your organization plan to open a bakery school? Do you own a college or school for bakers and search for a partner in Germany, the country of bread? Please contact our director Bernd Kütscher:

German National Bakers Academy
Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Weinheim

Im Waldschloss - Gorxheimertalstr. 23
69469 Weinheim

Tel. +49 6201 1070
Fax +49 6201 182579

Email: info@akademie-weinheim.de

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